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   The newly established Cashew Nut Guest was established to provide travellers with a hassle free home away from home experience.
   Providing excellent customer service, up to date travel information, spotlessly clean rooms in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, all at amazing budget price is our goal. It's important to us that your time in Siem Reap is a pleasant and memorable one.
    With a wealth of experience in the travel industry throughout Cambodia and South East Asia over the last 5 years our staff will be more than willing to pass on invaluable travel information to help make your travel through the region a hassle free, safe, enjoyable experience.

Salariin Kampuchea Football team

Our Goals
  • To welcome each guest like an old friend.
  • To establish a "Our home, is your home" atmosphere.
  • To provide "above and beyond" costumer service.
  • To  promote and support local organisations that are beneficial to the local community.

   We also offer a host of specialty services to cater to the unique needs of our guests. Angkor Wat temple complex tours, bike tours, floating village tours, cooking schools and ongoing transport bookings can all be booked by our attentive reception staff. We are sure nearly all requests can be catered for and if we can't do it  we'll know the people that can! 

  Our staff have been chosen from poor rural backgrounds giving them an opportunity to shine. All of our fantastic staff are "works in progress" and undergoing constant training to improve their skills. They are extremely fast learners but occasionally there may be little misunderstandings. We appreciate your tolerance and patience with this.

The Cashew Nut Guesthouse * Psaa Krom Road, Vahear Cham Village, Svaydankum Commune * Siem Reap * Kingdom of Cambodia * Phone: +855 63765015 * Skype: thecashewnut
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