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Hot News!!!

New Bus service from Bangkok to Siem Reap (relatively scam free!)

Click on this link for more information!!

If you take the Tourist buses from Khao San rd it is easy for you but that is where you'll run into the scamming. If your not in a hurry you will get here eventually........

 Scam 1- 

Getting the Cambodia visa not at the border. The Tourist bus will stop 10 minutes before the border and tell you that you have to get the visa through them in which you'll be pay $35-$40 (1000Bht or 1200bht) for the visa. It is only $20 US at the border and is a relatively easy process (have a couple of passport pics with you!) They will tell you that you can't do that and will probably get angry if you don't!

 Scam 2-

Do not change money at the border-They will tell you you have to...ATM machines aren't working in Siem Reap, Kings birthday, etc. They are probably even saying that the floods have close all the banks and ATM or something along those lines..

Don't believe a word they say involving money. You can get by using Thai baht until you get to Siem Reap where all the banks,ATM's and money exchanges are working. You don't need the local currency REIL as the Atms here give out US dollars (the unofficial currency!)

Scam 3- 

The bus stops every hour at their mates shop and driver disappears or they have a "set up" break down.

Not as bad as it used to be but still pretty annoying...You can't talk to them because they don't care and are probably acting on orders anyway! If not in a hurry you can put up with it. 

They are the BIG 3 on the tourist  bus..

 Or alternatively if you don't mind a little adventure and more likely quicker alternative you can try and do it yourself.

Border crossing tips-

 Bus to the border from Bangkok 4-4.5 hour, departures from Morchit (Northen) Bus Terminal every 30-60 minutes from 3:30am to 6pm and several departures from Ekkamai (Easterm) Bus  Terminal as well as Suvarnabhumi Airport.or take  a slow train (5.5 hour)from Hualamphong, departures at 6am and 1pm.

You may even be able to get a minivan from Khoa Sanh rd directly to the border as well (watch out for the visa it yourself!)

 Visa-at the border $20US-with photo...(if you pay in Baht it will be around $30 so US is better!) 

While at the border-if people approach you about a taxi tell them that your OK thanks and wait until your through the other side and down the road!)

 From Poipet take a Toyota Camry taxi (no Taxi signs or anything!) -about $45 for the whole car through the "associations" the dodgy border guys or $25-35 off the street out the front of the Cambodia immigration.

Once your through on the Cambodia side start walking down the road. You will be followed by someone for sure trying to get you to go with them (from immigration) your bound to be approached by the other taxi drivers as your walking... some speak very good English so you can negotiate a price with them.($25-$35) to take you to Siem Reap. Do NOT BELIEVE anyone (even the police) if they tell you that you have to go the "Bus station" on the free shuttle bus (if you go there then the scammers have got you where they want you and your in for someone grief!) There is a "tourist" public bus service from Poipet to Siem Reap but that doesn't leave until it's full so you might have to wait a few hours at the very expensive bus station. They will tell you it's leaving in 10 minute...(of course!) when in reality it could be 3-4 hours...

A taxi from Poipet to Siem Reap is about two hours.It is possible to make Bangkok to Siem Reap in seven hours or less, but you should plan on about eight to nine hours just to be safe.


If decide on a taxi ask them if they can drop you off at our guesthouse before entering the taxi.(get the taxi driver to give us a call 063765015) One last taxi scam is that they want to drop you off a little out of town so they can conveniently get their tuk tuk driving buddies (he calls them beforehand!) to take you to our guesthouse at high price. There is NO reason why they can't drop you off at the guest house. If they insist please give us a call and we will arrange one of our friendly drivers to pick you up free off charge.

To avoid this happening my advice would be to not pay all the money for the trip until dropped off at the guesthouse.

They may insist but be firm without getting angry! They will need some money to pay off police before they leave Poipet through.

You could even offer a TIP to make sure they get you to The Cashew Nut.. ( Don't tell them how much but $1 would be enough when you get here.)

This info should keep you out of harms way! (as best you can anyway!) The bottom line is never trust people at the border.


The Cashew Nut phone number is +855 (0)36765015. If you need to give us a call or have any problems please don't hesitate to call us.You can get the Taxi driver to give us a call if he doesn't know where The Cashew Nut Guest house is.


Good luck and remember to keep smiling!!!:)

The Cashew Nut Guest House  





The Cashew Nut Guesthouse * Psaa Krom Road, Vahear Cham Village, Svaydankum Commune * Siem Reap * Kingdom of Cambodia * Phone: +855 63765015 * Skype: thecashewnut
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